Support Civé

Support Civé

Many in Civé have ideas for new projects to improve village life. To assist them, I’ve set up a fundraising platform, dedicated to the memory of Mamadou Konaté, where people can pitch in to help with start-up funds.

First up for support is a project underway to initiate a fish farm a few miles north of the village of Civé, Mauritania. Samba Konaté (left), Mamadou’s son, has spent several years developing this plan; it requires about $35,000 to get off the ground. Once realized it will produce about 30,000 pounds of fresh fish a year and employ 30 villagers.

Samba has made some initial investments by buying a used tractor in Pennsylvania, and shipping it to Civé, where it is now engaged in plowing the region’s fields (below).

Please consider donating to Samba’s project; all donors will receive regular updates on the status of his fish project. With his earnings, Samba will help to kick-start the next Civé project, this time headed by a woman. To donate go here:

Meanwhile, want to learn more about the potential for fish farming in West Africa? Check out this short 2 minute video.